Structural Repairs

We have years of experience performing structural repairs of all kinds, including parapet repair, structural beam repair and structural column repair. The most common structural repair we encounter is a lintel replacement. A lintel is the concrete or steel beam above a door or window. This repair typically involves installing temporary shoring while the lintel is removed and replaced.

Specialized Materials and Methods

When traditional methods of repair are not enough, we use specialized materials and methods to rebuild the strength of the original structure. Some of these methods include carbon fiber reinforcement, specialized or customized fabricated steel shapes and even epoxies and urethanes in special circumstances.

Structural repairs are critical to life and safety. It’s crucial that they are designed by third party structural engineers and carried out by a skillful and experienced group of technicians like us. Our field crews are backed up by our engineers who work closely with the building owner and third party structural engineer to ensure repairs are completed in the most cost-effective, timely and safe manner while limiting disruption.