Masonry Repairs

When masonry damage extends beyond the mortar joints, the wall itself has to be repaired. We have over 25 years of experience in knowing when and how to properly perform stone, brick and other masonry repairs.

Modern Building Restoration

If a modern building needs repair and replacement material is readily available, then damaged, cracked, or distressed masonry can be discarded. We’ll rebuild the structure using new materials that match the original.

However, many times the masonry units used in a building are not so easy to source. Therefore, to complete a successful and good-looking brick repair, cinder block repair or stone masonry repair, we need to find matching units. We can typically locate what we need through a local brickyard or other masonry supplier, though sometimes these replacement materials require special ordering.

Historic Building Restoration

When repairing historic buildings or buildings constructed with very hard to find masonry units, we salvage the original brick and stone for restoration and reinstallation. 

Instead of demolishing the wall or structure, we deconstruct it. We follow all of the National Parks Service historic preservation standards and guidelines when performing masonry repairs on historic buildings. In addition, we have strong partnerships with local distributors of reclaimed building materials so we can source the right ones for your job.