Industrial Floor Coatings

Urethane and epoxy floor coatings are highly wear-resistant, sanitary, and provide long-lasting protection for your facility’s concrete floors.  If your floor has been worn down and is now too slippery, we can install an industrial anti-slip flooring product to help keep your employees safe. Even if we didn’t install your flooring initially, we can repair your industrial floor.

Flexible Scheduling

Many facilities with these types of industrial floor coatings are in constant use during normal business hours, so these repairs typically need to be completed during off-hours, weekends and/or holiday shutdowns.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, and take tight time frames and off-hour requirements in stride. Additionally, our long term relationships with material suppliers lets us specify a flooring system that meets your requirements even within tight time constraints. 

Sometimes epoxy flooring or urethane flooring is unnecessary, and concrete floor restoration is all that is needed. We can patch the broken concrete at joints and install joint fillers to help stop these issues from occurring in the future.